Game Design Blog #6

In this blog I shall be talking about my conclusion about this project and in which way it helped learn and develop. Firstly I would like to start with the aspect of working together with a group on a game and succeeding in doing something is quite something incredible. Thus I have learned so much in managing, deadlines and work psychology within my groups dynamics. The flow between the group members has been great as communication, motivation and willing to help each other has always been there.

I have learned and seen the possibilities of code used within unity and thus solved problems that I would have never thought I would able to solve. Which includes working a 3D world but using 2D sprites and mechanics, integrating animations made by the lead graphic to fit the movement of the enemy and  figuring out how to make a crosshair system whilst unity lacks an easy dynamic crosshair system.

When we come to how our project came to be, my opinion suggests that it is a working game that has beginning, middle and an end. But perhaps my gripe could be that I am not 100% satisfied with it. I’ve thought about the reasoning behind it and came to the conclusion that more could have been done. For example a settings menu where volume could be adjusted, an infinite mode with a high score system instead of the game ending with a boss and perhaps more enemy types such as our turtle concept where immobile entities attacked with slow moving torpedo projectiles against the player. This makes me understand the time schedule process of game making more as the experience of building this game has thought me manage my time according to the time limitations.

As a conclusion I would like to say that game making is not a process that can be perfected, but as experience will build up, I hope it will become a more apparent process to me. I have learned a lot during the process of this ten week project which I hope bring out for the next 6


One thought on “Game Design Blog #6

  1. Hi Edin,
    I’m glad to hear that you’ve had such a great team and I really think you guys should be proud of what you produced. I had the opportunity to try it out, and quite enjoyed it 😀
    When it comes to your post though I do have some gripes with it. First off I feel like it might have been nice if you included some type of description of what the project you are concluding actually is. While I of course can fill in the gaps as I’ve been taking the same course as you this is not true for someone who might casually stop by your blog. I can imagine it would leave them slightly confused.
    Secondly, I would have liked to hear a little bit more about your thoughts on the project. You do cover a lot of topics, but perhaps some more fleshing out of those topics would have been nice. As it is right now it feels like you are just skimming through them.
    Finally, you do mention that you didn’t feel 100% with the final product. And I just wanted to mention that I can totally relate to this feeling. That thought of “just a few more features”. Perhaps it’s true what they say, “Art is never finished, just abandoned”. What I think is important to focus on is that you actually managed to produce a, for all intents and purposes, working game. Which is, as you say, something incredible.

    And hey, nobody is stopping you from continuing the development. Either way, I’m excited to see what you produce in the future 😀
    //Alexander ‘Pawn’ Peck


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